and other playthings

★大室撫子 - ススメFall To Light Runner!!(違うだろ?)★

Eviscerated Lolis - Without the Lolis Who Will Stop the Darkness?

MO - ByeBye

Napkin Terrorizer - time goes by

lolicyclidine - loli pen jam22


★ mg daves - i wanna fuck the ship ★

sHimaU - EVE Headache cure

DJ Paper Chaos - BWAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Kindred Spirits

Ather - Icantbehug

★Napkin Terrorizer - to have loved★

★idontlikeSUNDAYENDS - weekend ender's ends won't end (maybe)★

宮//シ//尺//雪//里//予 - Yukinofunk[luxury]

Helaku - Sucked F%#king Dry

Xenodine-4-pluorate - Group Homology

telemist - thank you

Shoebill - all my pals love mashcore

Rei - 2GB RAM

zoe 000000 - 03 Summoning the stillborn angels 2o006

Jihad Techno - La Ilaha IllAllah

gorerere - это очень жестокий и плохой мем фу
it's a nasty rotten meme, pah


0081 - 1

Nondi_ - Moon

httpeach - The World OG

Y YYYY YY Y Y - 1Pr3p4r3Y0u

★I TΔK - Звёзды★
And So - Stars

НАПРАСНО - То, Что Кажется Важным
In Vain - That Which Seems Important

С н ы 墓 М е р т в е ц а - ӾǾЛÔД, ЂŌΛþ, РĀЗΛ¥₭Á, ḈŦРĀӾ
Dreams of a Dead Body - Cold, Pain, Separation, Fear

Huge bonus

An ha han en(わがしらぬなんじ)



Lolikor adioЯ

Loli Lounge Core

Breakcore Mashcore (fancy)  

Breakcore Mashcore (stream)  

FAVICON radio  


ok, brekkor - close enough


Kitty credit: Hello Kitty blush - Kawaii ring from Kawaii Accessories